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Cantilever Table Bases

Cantilever Table Bases – Series F, G and H

Our cantilever table bases are built to last! When you order a table from us you can rest assured of two things….it will be great looking….and it will hold up to heavy duty, every day use. Designed for commercial applications, yet perfect for your kitchen or game room. In our opinion, there is not a better made base out there. Speak with one of our customer service reps to determine the base most appropriate for your table.

Cantilever Table Bases for Custom Retro tables - Cantilever base in Series F, G and H

  • The “F” Series base utilizes 2″ square heavy wall 14 gauge construction with angle support.  Black painted finish.
  • The “G” Series utilizes 2″ square heavy wall construction and includes table mounting bracket.
  • The “H” Series base (used in conjunction with the “F” and “G” element) is a bolt down design utilizing a 3 1/2″ diameter column. Painted or standard chrome is the same price.


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