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Vendo 56 – Coke Machine

This is the classic vendo 56 coke machine is a 1960′s square model.  These machines can be set up to vend as can only or bottle only machines depending on the customers choice.  The coin mechs on these machines can be set from a nickel to a dollar fifty five which makes them great for charging for drinks in your home or office.   All of our soda machines are restored to better then new condition and come with a 3 year warranty.  Send us an email or give us a call for pricing information.

Vendo 56 Coke Machine

Vendo 56 Specifications

Vends 56 Cans – 12 oz Cans – Pre Cools 18 – Size 52″ high, 25″ wide, and 21″ deep – Vends 7 different selections – Weight 345 lbs